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Wonderbond can be used as a paint primer, sealer and more! It enhances, rejuvenates and protects.

Wonderbond is perfect for Painters — it's easy-to-apply, and is perfect for both interior and exterior use.



  • Wonderbond can be used as a stain blocker — it also covers existing stains, smoke, water, industrial dyes and more
  • Use as an undercoat, paint primer or base coat
  • Instantly seal plaster and Gyprock
  • Use as a paint sealer to enhance and protect
  • Enhances all painted surfaces especially under & over all enamel
  • Use as a binder — on virtually all substrates
  • Rejuvenates faded Colourbond
  • Cuts preparation time in half
  • Increases speed 'paint layout' beautifully
  • Use as a key coat for enamel
  • Adheres to all glass products
  • Bonds on to aluminium, stainless steel and more.
  • Binds masonry & cement dust
  • Seals timber — no sanding required
  • Vastly superior coverage rate
  • Use as a primer on all surfaces
  • Use as a one coat sealer on pre-painted surfaces
  • Binds render in concreting practices
  • Seals & binds clay pots, statues etc
  • Binds paint to metal, plastic and PVC products
  • Use on varnished woods & estapols
  • Use over Polyurethane, Laminate and most hard surfaces
  • Coverage 10-30 sq meters per litre depending on surface porosity
  • Low VOC
  • Touch dry in 20 minutes
  • Wash up tools in water — no turps needed.


Click Here to download the Painters Wonderbond Cheat Sheet


Wonderbond is a 100% acrylic concrete sealer offering excellent depth penetration, high resistance to acids and alkalis and other harsh chemicals, exceptional U.V resistance, and superior, long lasting water repellence all in a rapid-dry single coat.

Wonderbond not only penetrates deeply into porous surfaces but the hard wearing gloss finish will continue to protect the surface for years to come.

The acrylic seal will eliminate any annoying concrete dust and the attractive glossy finish protects against stains and makes future cleaning a breeze.

Wonderbond is perfect for high traffic areas subject to lots of wear and tear such as workshops.

The waterproof seal also helps prevent the growth of mould or mildew.

Wondercoat just gives you so many options. Wonderbond’s durability and adhesion make it a good choice as a base coat for top coating with epoxy sealers or conventional paints.

But Wonderbond also works beautifully as a top coat on its own.

Wonderbond High Quality Sealer primer and undercoat

As with any concrete sealer, preparation is the key.

Wonderbond is a straightforward one step application but you must make sure that the surface is free from dust, dirt, mould, oil or any flaking material first.

Wondercoat should not be used on surfaces with pre-existing sealers or on swimming pool surrounds.

Allow the surface to dry completely. You can apply Wondercoat with:

  • Brush
  • Short nap roller
  • Knapsack spray
  • Airless spray
  • Nylon broom
  • Lambs wool applicator.

Thinning is not recommended and coverage will range from 10 to 30m2 per litre depending on absorption rates. Apply using even strokes to ensure consistent coverage, also self levelling.

Wondercoat will be touch dry in 20 minutes and you should be able to re-coat within 4 hours.

The surface will be safe to walk on after about 2 hours and Wondercoat will tolerate heavy traffic after 24 hours.

Wash all equipment in warm water and detergent after use. A single coat will have a low sheen finish but increasing the number of coats will give a glossier finish.

Choose Wonderbond for your next concrete floor sealing project—it’s surely the most cost-effective and versatile product you’ve ever seen.


With over more than 10,000 domestic and commercial clients professionally serviced on the Central Coast of NSW and Sydney, the Glason Group excel in the manufacture and supply of high quality Australian Made Floor and Surface Sealers.

Wonderbond sealer protects against grafittiCan Wonderbond® be used as a protector against graffiti?

Graffiti can permanently penetrate a surface! When graffiti is removed, it often leaves permanent marks, which become problematic.

Wonderbond® acts as a barrier and is an ideal anti-graffiti coating where persistent offences occur.

Graffiti vandalism can be removed much more easily, and in some cases with just soap and water (the sooner graffiti is cleaned off, the better the results will be).

Should any doubt exist as to the preparation necessary on a particular surface, please contact Glason’s Customer Hotline on 1800 452 766 or contact us by clicking here.

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