Use Wonderbond and achieve outstanding results – See below for proof.

Modern Brick Home Protected by Wonderbond

You can always expect the best!

The following are some examples of various results achieved using Wonderbond® as an undercoat, sealer, primer, binder and protector.

Wonderbond Protects Driveways and PavingWonderbond enhances tiles and pathways

Sealer is used on tiles around gardenSealer is used for concrete pavers

Rejuvenates Garage Roller DoorsFantastic Results showing after results

Before photo shows timber needs to be restoredSealer produce beautiful finish on timber deck

Timber garden retainer requires sealingSealer penetrates the timber surface restoring finish

Wonderbond sealer protects against grafittiCan Wonderbond® be used as a protector against graffiti?

Graffiti can permanently penetrate a surface! When graffiti is removed, it often leaves permanent marks, which become problematic.

Wonderbond® acts as a barrier and is an ideal anti-graffiti coating where persistent offences occur.

Graffiti vandalism can be removed much more easily, and in some cases with just soap and water (the sooner graffiti is cleaned off, the better the results will be).

Should any doubt exist as to the preparation necessary on a particular surface, please contact Glason’s Customer Hotline on 1800 452 766 or contact us by clicking here.

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